Valentine’s Day activities for parents and kids

Valentine’s Day activities for parents and kids

Who do you admire the most? Your family! Valentine’s Day activities for kids and parents are the perfect way to honor the holiday. Already, your youngster has made hand-drawn cards for Grandma and Grandpa. So, now what? These family-friendly activities for kids will foster creativity, exploration, and fun. Enjoy creating wonderful memories as you prepare for this meaningful holiday!

Lunch Bunch

Having kids make Valentine’s lunch a little more difficult. You will have to at least put off preparing a five-course supper (including filet mignon and kale salad). As a parent, you value family time. Make a Valentine’s dinner with your kids. Cut bread into heart shapes with a heart cookie cutter. Prepare a buffet of family favorites, with something for everyone. Instead of preparing your own lunch, ask someone else to do it. The objective of this game is to accurately select your chosen person’s favorite foods and create a heart-shaped sandwich that matches.

Dinner Date

Your kids will grow up and recognize that mom and dad need some alone time. But that doesn’t imply you have to split your family’s activities between adults and kids. Allow your kids to join you for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Help cook your holiday dinner with a friend or family member (or the babysitter). They can weigh, measure, blend, and create menus. Choose a seasonal color scheme or design with their own unique artsy to help decorate the table.

Heartfelt Art

Forget the shop-bought Valentine’s Day decorations. Your inventive child is wanting to create! As a family project, make heart-shaped art to hang in your dining room, playroom, or elsewhere. Cute little felt hearts. You can make a rainbow or just use red and pink. Make a hole in each heart and join them with a nice ribbon. You now have your own heart garland! Window, table, and door decorations. Extra felt hearts can be punched all around. Put them in pairs and lace ribbon through the holes for no-sew holiday goodie bags. Fill them with your child’s favorite candy or toys.


Encourage your child to write their own poems as a rhyming game. This lyrical activity is suitable for all ages. List your child’s favorites. This could be a household pet or a great friend. Encircle each point on the list with short sentences. Assist your child in writing a rhyming sentence. Combine the sentence pairs into a poem. Make a book out of the sentence pairings! Collect family photos to illustrate each rhyme in your child’s holiday poem.

Holiday Science

So, science? That is correct. Make a Valentine’s Day heart activity for kids and adults that is all about science, specifically human biology. A heart is not only a fun shape for your child’s artwork, but it also keeps your blood flowing. An exercise experiment can help your young child understand the human heart and how it functions. Show your child how to take their (or your) pulse at rest. Time yourself while monitoring your HR. It’s time to go. Take a family walk or jog. Stop halfway and take everyone’s pulses. Make a list. Walk/jog to your destination. Rewrite the numbers from the pulses. Take a half-hour break before measuring everyone’s pulse again. Compare the results and ask your child to explain why they think everyone’s heart rate varied.

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