Daycare Vs. NannyIn this article, we list out the pointers on hiring a nanny vs going for daycare, which may help you decide what’s the best for your child.

When it comes to childcare, deciding the best way to do so is one of the most stressful and contentious issues for parents.

A lot of research is being done on this topic, and the findings related to this issue are all over the internet.

With so many options available, and each option having its pros and cons individually, make parents feel more confused as each option is being considered.

As a parent, you always want what’s best for your kids, and sometimes it is really hard to decide what is right or wrong.

In this realm of childcare, while enlisting your child in a daycare or hiring a nanny may not be that clear-cut decision, however, there’s a way of analyzing and deciding the right choice for your family based on various aspects.

Hiring a Nanny

A domestic employee who is hired to take care of a child in the family’s home is a nanny. Typical duties of a nanny include:

● Taking care of your child/ children
● Washing their laundry
● Keeping their area neat & tidy
● Preparing meals for them
● Arranging playdates
● Picking up them to & from classes, school, activities, or other aspects that are related to the growth & development of your child

Since the nanny works dedicatedly for you and your child, they take a comparatively big share of your salary. Their cost comes on the high-end side.

Opting for Daycare

The childcare option is a more structured approach towards taking care of your child. Equal responsibilities come to parents and daycare specialists to take care of your child.

You will be responsible for dropping off and picking your child from the facility.

Enlisting your child in daycare is considered a more ideal approach for the overall development of your child.

Responsibilities of a daycare facility typically look like this:

● A proper schedule is to be followed for all the activities including meals, and nap times. This helps your child become more punctual.
● Other benefits that daycare provides include built-in activities, socialization, and learning in a group environment with peers. This builds the spirit of teamwork in your kiddo.


Hiring a nanny vs going for daycare?

Opting for daycare is comparatively cheaper. Also, going for this option can be a good approach to help your child get used to a structured-learning environment.

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