We all have seen or faced a situation where we initially enjoy the process of doing something, but over time it becomes less interesting, and eventually it becomes flat-out boring. The same tendencies apply to learning! Kids often get bored and start moving away from studying once they find words boring and numbers meaningless. Parents and educators are constantly looking for innovative ways to update academic curricula and strengthen the process of learning. In this technological era, modern teaching aids become an important tool for imparting knowledge. The growing custom of digital games and applied sciences into learning environments has affected both students and teachers, and both use game-based learning in the classroom. Game-based learning simply means including knowledge matter of various subjects into games.

Southwood Learning Center in Texas is a family-owned Montessori preschool that has been serving the families of the area for over two decades. For making teaching effective and interesting, Southwood Learning has been adopting game-based learning into its curriculum over the past several years. Educational games are designed with the learning objectives for making education fun and encouraging children to be active learners. These games are designed specifically to educate children, and this assists students with adapting problem-solving skills to real-life or fictional situations. All types of educational games strengthen the learning process.

Southwood Learning uses a variety of approaches to implement games and activities into the learning process. One approach is for the learners themselves to design and create games based on their classroom requirements (for instance students learning about math can decide what type of game they want to set up for them to practice the skill). Another approach allows teachers, trainers, or developers to design educational games from scratch according to learners’ knowledge level. Lastly, commercially-created games can be integrated into classroom activities for effective learning. To collaborate, communicate, interact, and work in teams, educational games have become an effective tool for ensuring greater participation of kids.

Southwood Learning Center is constantly seeking innovative and dynamic ways to improve the learning process. We believe that educational games create a positive environment that can inspire learners to develop skills and shape an emotional connection to subject matter. Educational games that meet the objective and align properly with the curriculum, undoubtedly yield better results in the classroom. Using game-based learning can help the education system keep pace with its smartest and brightest students!