Fire-Safety-in-the-HomeFire safety in the home is a top priority for most of us, however how prepared are we really? By following a few brief steps and working with our children on a safety plan, you can have the whole family prepared for an emergency. The older your kids are, the more they will be able to understand. The earlier you can start teaching your children the sooner they will grasp it.

Adults can:

  • Make an exit plan with alternate routes and a meeting place
  • Make sure smoke detectors work
    – change batteries when you change your clocks to make it easy to remember
  • Don’t leave candles unattended
    – use flame-less electric candles when possible
  • Be cautious when using space heaters
  • Don’t overload wall plugs with multiple power strips
  • Be careful when cooking with grease (never dump water on burning grease)
    – keep a lid handy to smother a fire in the pan
  • When exiting during a fire, stay low to the ground where the air is cooler and there is less smoke
  • Get out first and then call 911 from outside

Kids can (with guidance from parents):

  • Practice rolling out of bed and crawling to an exist
  • Practice getting out of the exists, and which ones to use
    – fire codes usually require 2 exits be accessible
  • Practice crawling through the house
  • Practice going to the meeting place
  • Learn how to dial 911
    – make sure they know to get out first and then find an adult to call
  • Teach them positive reminders instead of, “Don’t…”
    – helpful phrases “Get Low and Go”, “Get Out Stay Out”, “Stop Drop and Roll”
  • Have them meet fire fighters so they will be comfortable with them and not feel afraid of them in an emergency
    – most fire departments will give station tours anytime you stop by (if not in meetings or training)
    – CSFD stations will usually be stocked with fire hats and stickers for kids
  • If kids have not seen firefighters in gear, be sure to ask if that would be possible while on the tour.

With a little planning and practice, you and your kids can feel safer in case of an emergency.
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