Feeding your kids nutritious food can be a great hassle. That is because kids tend to like sugary candies and junk food a lot more than food that is healthy and well-required by their bodies for proper growth and energy. Simply put, nutrition and junk do not go hand in hand, which is why there is always a tension between parents and their kids regarding food. If you have a tiny fussy eater at home who makes it difficult for you to feed them, then don’t you worry as we are about to tell you some amazing tips and tricks to feeding your kid healthy meals.

Incorporate Color

To start off, kids like colors on their plate. They eat with their eyes before their mouths, so it is important that the food you put up in front of them looks delicious and tempting enough for them to try. Therefore, you must pay some attention to the plating of your dish. For example, you could give your kid a healthy taco filled with tender and juicy chicken pieces and an array of vegetables like colorful capsicums, a lettuce, onions, etc. You may also put mayo and ketchup to take the look of your healthy taco to a whole new level and make it look worthy for your kid to try. Just like this healthy taco, other nutrition-filled snacks could be mixed-fruit smoothies, muffins with dry fruit and nut filling, date bars (healthier alternative for chocolate bars) and so on.

Meals with Balanced Nutrients

Moving on, the main courses for the apple of your eye must have a good proportion of protein and veggies. If mixing the two seems difficult, then split the two up for lunch and dinner. Examples of healthy, good-looking and tasty lunch and dinner for your kids can be chickpea curry containing a good blend of colorful veggies, chicken and brown rice cooked together in a pot (time saving and delicious), vegetable lasagna topped with cheese or an instant pot vegetable beef soup. All these recipes contain generous amounts of protein and the goodness of veggies in them, ensuring your kids benefit from a balanced diet.


Last but not the least comes the dessert part. Now, desserts mean sweet and sweet means sugar. However, too much sugar intake may not at all be healthy for your kids. The increase in child obesity and type 2 diabetes rates around the globe is a solid example of why too much sugar must not be given to your kids. Therefore, make use of healthier alternatives like honey, raisin syrup, sugarcane and fresh fruit extracts to prepare their desserts. Fresh fruit or berry popsicles, banana pudding, zucchini and oat or apple muffins, fruit and veggie sheet pan pancakes and the list goes on and on for kid-friendly desserts.

Southwood Learning Center

Well, these were some of our best picks among the wide array of healthy recipes for kids. It is very important for you to make sure your kid knows how important health is to oneself and how we shall try our best to remain fit and active. To broaden the knowledge of your kid and help them learn better about the various aspects of life and education, make sure you get them enrolled in a trusted learning center. If you fancy the Montessori Curriculum and are a resident of College Station, Texas, then we would be glad to have your kid join our wonderful team. We at Southwood Learning Center Montessori in College Station can help your ward learn, grow and develop into the person they want to be in the future.