Summertime means summer vacation for kids, which is an exciting time for your children. However, for parents, it can lead to stress over how they can keep their children busy until their school starts again. Southwood learning understands that and this is why here we list some activities that you can involve your kids in so that they have fun while they are home and make the best out of their time while learning. Plus it is best for parents to do their bit in advance by doing prior planning to keep their little ones out of mischief.

Create, Build, and Engineer

Vacations are a good time to motivate your kid to do creative stuff. This is the best way to help them explore their interests while keeping them busy in the most productive way. These activities involve drawing, writing, storytelling, making things, or anything creative that lets them explore their creative sides.

Cooking and Baking

Once a week you can plan baking or cooking day. Who knows your little kiddo can come out as a chef!! Involve them in the process of cooking or baking from the beginning. Give them leverage to choose their favorite recipe for which you have ingredients available.

Playing Interactive Games

Games are the most fun and innovative way of interacting with your tiny tots. These games won’t only reduce their screen time, but will also help them enhance their analytical thinking & creativity. You can choose from games like Monopoly, Dumb Charades, or Pictionary, depending on the age group they lie.


Another way of keeping them busy and uplifting their mood is taking them close to nature. If you have a garden, dedicate its small patch to your kids. Let them plant herbs, flowers, or anything that you think they would love to see grow. This is one thing that is going to make your kid more relaxed and happy.

Learning an Instrument

Playing an instrument boosts one’s self-esteem. And summer vacation is the time where they have ample time in hand for such sort of new learning. Get them the instrument of their choice which they would love to play.


Another habit that can stay with your child throughout their life and can be built during these times is reading. Give them books to read. This is an excellent time to encourage the passion for reading and acquiring this habit for a really long time.

Taking Nature Walks

A great way of giving change to your little one is by taking them on nature walks. Not just take them for walks, instead, go with a purpose wherein they can enjoy their time and learn at the same time. If going to a beach, ask them to collect stones and shells to later make shell & stone sculptures or a shell castle. If going to a forest, get them to seek out different sorts of plants, trees, or bugs. This way they will get to observe things and learn a lot while exploring different things and environments.

Southwood Learning Center

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