Southwood Learning - Montessori in College Station

Southwood learning is one of the oldest Montessori schools in College sation, Texas built to make learning easy and fun for the children. Children at this age are usually energetic and open to learning new things from their surroundings. Southwood learning provides a safe environment for all the children to learn things at their own pace without any competition.

Montessori education serves as the pillar in the academic years of a child. If the child is not allowed to explore themselves during their Montessori years, you can easily see a difference in their personality later.

At Southwood learning in College station, we aim to break the chains of traditional Montessori teachings. We aim to help the children explore themselves on their own. At our Montessori, we don’t engage children in academic competition as it hinders their abilities and develops complexities at the very beginning. We believe that each child is indifferent and has different potential, so we let them progress at their pace.

For this reason, a Montessori classroom isn’t only filled with books, pencils, and writing paper. Instead, it contains many materials that cover many levels and subjects. Wall shelves line the classroom walls and are arranged so that teachers can easily reach textbooks, games, and other materials. Students can practice concepts that they are working on by retrieving the same material that they were taught.

Montessori classrooms are different from conventional classrooms. A teacher rarely sits beneath a worksheet looking at the students’ books to demonstrate how to fill it in. Instead, you will see children working on different concepts in groups and individually, and the teacher sitting on a mat in front of a smaller group of children.

In our classrooms, the Montessori method encourages developing the young child’s potential by creating a prepared environment, using specially trained teachers, and using materials designed to enhance learning. Montessori education aims to help children develop the foundations for lifelong creative learning.

If you are looking for a Montessori for your kid near College Station, we have the best Montessori in the town. Before enrolling your kid in the Montessori, we encourage you to visit us and take a look at our faculty and facility and observe how our teachers are instilling love in students.

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Southwood Learning Center has been serving the children of BCS since 1985. We are honored to be members of the BCS family for over 37 years. 

The philosophy encourages children to develop respect for themselves, for others and for the environment. It is unique in allowing children to work at their own pace, in their interest areas.