Management Staff: 


Director Ms. Rania

Hello BCS Families, I am Ms. Rania and I am excited to be the director of SWLC.  I have 15 years of child-care experience and for the past 12 years, I am honored to call Southwood my home away from home.  I began my career working with infants and toddlers before moving into the Montessori class where I developed a love of the Montessori philosophy which prompted me to obtain my Montessori Certification in 2011.  I believe my experience working in the classroom has prepared me to lead our school and staff to ensure that all our students receive a high quality Montessori education.  My passion for preparing children for future successes has me working closely with the teachers in the classrooms providing support, assistance and mentoring rather than just supervising from the office. Communication and trust is at the heart of any healthy relationship and that is why my door is always open to our families and teachers. Working with children is the most rewarding job in the world! Seeing their smiles and watching them grow and develop makes me incredibly happy!  When I am not at SWLC, I take time to enjoy cooking, taking care of my family and long nature walks. 



Ms. Sherry

Hi I am Ms. Sherry. Seeing children’s joy in everyday things is my absolute favorite part of my job! I moved to Texas in 2018 and soon after joined SWLC where I not only help in all our classrooms, but also assist with office management. Though I graduated from Temple University with a Dental Hygiene degree, my years working with children and teaching Sunday School led me to the classroom. After obtaining my Child Care Credentials, I worked as lead teacher in the two-year-old classroom for 16 years in Florida before moving here.  I am the proud mom of two grown sons and enjoy traveling, reading and quilting. You may have also seen me locally teaching Aqua Fitness classes. 




Meet our Montessori and Discovery Lead Teachers (Ages 3-6): 


Ms. Hannah

Hi. I’m Ms. Hannah, an AMS certified Montessori directress for Primary (ages 3-6) with a M.Ed in Early Childhood Education. My extended knowledge is a culmination of my own journey as a Montessori student through high-school, my education, and experience as a lead teacher for over 5 years.  I believe that children understand and learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore the environment around them without interruption.  I know the importance of acknowledging and appreciating each child’s individual needs and prepare the classroom to meet those needs.  Along with being a lead directress, I have worked as a consultant, administrator, and trainer. My goal is to work with the children to not only thrive in the classroom, but also in the world around them. In my role as our Program Coordinator, I will work with children, staff and families to establish consistency and positive growth at all levels. During my off-time, I enjoy being with my fiancé, gardening, reading, and caring for my guinea pigs and cat. 




Ms. Mary

Hello! I am Ms. Mary and I am one of our Montessori teachers working with children 3-6 years old. I have been a part of the SWLC family for the past five years. Originally, I obtained my bachelors in occupational therapy before making the leap into education and getting my Montessori Primary diploma (ages 3-6) allowing my passion for children to really shine through. During Montessori work time, I believe in providing a safe and stimulating educational environment that helps children meet their various developmental needs while building their independence and self-control.  My favorite things about working with children are their honesty, creativity and curiosity which I believe keeps me inspired to seek knowledge. I recognize that knowledge is best gained when children experience the joy of learning which is my ultimate goal. In my personal time, I enjoy cooking, swimming and spending time with my daughter, husband and cat. 




Ms. Brooke

Hi there, I am Ms. Brooke and I am the Discovery Room teacher. I received my B.S. in Early Childhood Education from TAMU and apply my knowledge to creating a fun and creative environment based on weekly themes for our 3-5 year olds. I believe that children learn best through experience. Utilizing play and creativity I work on creating an environment that encourages learning in language, art, math, science, and culture. In today’s world, educators know the importance of focusing on children’s social-emotional growth and I am committed to working with kids on not only academics but also to developing skills that help them establish healthy social behaviors that build their self-esteem as well as support their peers. Each day there is something new to learn and there is always the element of surprise in not knowing what is going to come out of each child’s mouth! I enjoy spending time with a new hobby of axe throwing as well as listening to music and relaxing with my three cats and boyfriend.



Meet our Toddler Room Teachers (Ages 18 months-3 years): 



Hi, I’m Wendi and I am proud to be an integral part of SWLC since October 2012 working in the Seedling room with our young toddlers.  This is often the first classroom for the children at SWLC and I commit herself to creating an environment of comfort and security for our youngest students.  I received my Toddler-Infant Child Development Associate Degree in 2016 and appliy my knowledge and experience to having a developmentally appropriate classroom that focuses on sensorial work, arts & crafts, music and imaginative play.  I love working with children, their innocent personalities and their complete truthfulness is refreshing and helps me stay grounded.  When I am not hard at work in the classroom, I like to spend time with my fiancé, two boys, three cats and one dog, all of us rooting for the Houston Astros!





Hello Families. I am Salwa and I am the lead teacher for our older toddlers and young three’s in our Stepping Stones Class.  After receiving my teaching certification in my home country of Iraq in 2005, I gained experience teaching children in both elementary schools and Head Start. I am thrilled to be a part of the SWLC family for the past three years.  The Stepping Stones classroom is a busy workspace where children are encouraged to build their communication skills and independence through play, movement and art.  I know that toddlers need a gentle but firm environment full of love, patience and acceptance that results in healthy and happy children who thrive. College Station is now home to me and my husband who is working on his PhD at TAMU. 





Meet our Co-Teachers:


Ms. Daniela

Hi! I am Ms. Daniela and I am excited to work with the children from our Seedling and Stepping Stones Class. I am currently a student working towards my degree in education. One of my favorite things about working with children is to see the excitement on their faces as they learn through new experiences. I use my energy to keep with up with these little ones as we engage in art, play, songs and dance. enjoys relaxing at home and regular exercise when she is away from her school family. 







Ms. Jamie

Hi, I’m Ms. Jamie and I work with the children in our Discovery Room. My philosophy is to focus on helping students build their confidence and self-esteem.  I believe that my personal experiences in raising children lays the foundation for my work in the classroom.  When I am away from school, I enjoy spending time with my five dogs, husband of 20 years and daughter. 







Meet Ms. Nazneen

Ms. Nazneen

Howdy! I’m Nazneen and I am the proud second generation owner and administrator of Southwood Learning Center. I grew up in a family that believed in the value of early childhood education with a mother whose passion was teaching and a father who believed in her dream. In 1981, they started Kiddie Castle Children’s Center and over the years expanded their schools. I spent my life working alongside my parents for the betterment of our community’s children. In 2001 it was time for me to take the reins and I have been the administrator since then. After completing my M.S. in clinical psychology several years ago, I am back in school as a proud Aggie, working on completing my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M.  Having a solid background in academic education is essential to running a top-notch program, but it is not enough. My years of experience working alongside my parents, our teachers, partnering with families, and the local community have helped me expand on the vision that was first developed by my mom to ensure that our children are nurtured to develop their full potential cognitively, emotionally, and socially.  Working with young children is one of the toughest jobs, but I am proud to have an incredible team of teachers who have the education and the experience needed to provide the best preschool experience for your child and prepare them for the future.