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Sprouts Program

Welcome to the SWLC infant room. We are thrilled to partner with you to nurture your infant as they start their early education journey with us. Our daily schedule will work around your child’s individual needs, while we also work to establish a routine that works for your child. Our infant room is designed

  • Ages 6 weeks- 18 months
  • An emotionally rich environment that meets your infant’s physical needs.
  • Tummy time routines building strong muscles and cognitive activities developing pathways for coordination, language development and social activities.
  • A calm and peaceful space allowing infants to feel secure and safe away from home.
  • Appeals to the toddler’s natural physical, emotional, and sensorial needs.

Begins process of self-awareness and focused activity.

Contact us today and see what a difference a Montessori School can make for your child.



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Southwood Learning Center has been serving the children of BCS since 1985. We are honored to be members of the BCS family for over 35 years. Today, the family of Southwood Learning Center schools are proud to be second generation owned and operated preschools.

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