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The Children’s House

Our primary Montessori room is known as, The Children’s House, after Maria Montessori’s first school Casa dei Bambini. In this 3-6 year old room hildren:

  • Develop a lifetime love of learning and respect for self, others and the environment
  • Explore concrete materials as they build skills in math, language, science, geography, sensorial exploration, and practical life
  • Have mixed age groups that mirror the real world
  • Think creatively and exercise problem solving skills
  • Are guided by certified and trained Montessori teachers
  • Mixed age groups mirroring the real world
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Recognize the value of cultural appreciation and enrichment
  • Practice grace and courtesy as global citizens

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Southwood Learning Center has been serving the children of BCS since 1985. We are honored to be members of the BCS family for over 35 years. Today, the family of Southwood Learning Center schools are proud to be second generation owned and operated preschools.

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