When kids are growing, it is normal that they get into a conflict. At this stage teaching kids how to build a friendship is very important. Building friendships among kids is a process, which has a few bumps on its way. While these ups-and-downs may seem ignorable, they leave a huge impact on the growth of your kid. The hurt feelings between friends when they are kids can lead to shifting friendships and unkind interactions. This is why imparting conflict resolution skills to your child at an early age plays a crucial role in healthy friendships development.

A child who finds difficulty in finding solutions to friendship related problems might feel hopeless during an argument. There’s a high possibility that he might shut down or freeze up when a conflict occurs if he doesn’t know how to verbalize his feelings. However, the best part is that children at a young age can learn how to manage their emotions and conflicts if the right guidance is given to them during such tricky situations. With the right set of strategies, they themselves can become problem solvers and can maintain their friendships even if any conflict occurs.

How to Teach Conflict Resolution

There are numerous ways of teaching conflict resolution. But before starting that, the major step is to help them analyze the conflicts. First of all, they’ll have to understand the problem and what is causing it.

Teach Understanding

The first step for a kid is to understand what conflict is and what sort of negative impact it can have on the kid they are having a conflict with.

Teach Empathy

Once your child has an understanding of a conflict, next they should know what empathy is. Kids need to learn to empathize with all other kids involved.

Teach Responsibility

It is not always the other kids who are at the fault. Your child should know how to take responsibility for their own deeds in any conflict. In addition to taking responsibility for their own parts, they should be willing to do the required amendments to correct the situation.

Teach Communication

Now that they have understood the depth of the situation, they should be able to put that to words. Communication plays a vital role in conflict resolution. Your kid should know how to talk it out so that they lead to a mutually beneficial solution for one and all.

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