Researches have shown that the major development of a person takes place at the age of 0-5 years. Not just that the early brain development of a child lasts for a long on the learning ability and the ability to succeed in school and life. The quality of experiences in the first few years of the life of your child helps decide how their brain is going to develop. Daycare plays an important role in the development of your child physically, emotionally, and socially. They are also taught language & literacy, and cognitive (thinking) skills.

So now let’s see what children learn at daycare.

Speaking & Listening (Language)

When your kid gets opportunities to speak with and listen to others, they start developing language skills. Teachers at Southwood Learning talk with children throughout the day while they are at group times, one-to-one, or they are playing. Children are encouraged to share ideas, information, and feelings with each other.

Early Reading

Learning to read is a lifelong kind of process, however, kids learn early reading when they are in daycare. Reading their own names or some simple words is learned at this stage.

Early Writing

Early writing by your child begins as scribbles and becomes shapes that look similar to letters. Gradually, these shapes start looking more like actual letters. Children are involved in a lot of fun activities that help them write early in the most fun ways possible.

Creative Arts

Children express their ideas and feelings in unique ways. These could be dancing, pretending, or painting. The creativity that your child has, supports all the areas of learning and expresses themselves in the form of one or the other way like writing stories or making a unique form of art. At Southwood Learning we provide the environment that helps your child express his creative abilities. We also provide a lot of open-ended materials like playdough, chalk, and seashells to challenge the ability of your child to create.

Southwood Learning

This is why Southwood Learning Preschool in College Station has developed programs that encourage lifelong learning for your child through our specialized early childhood education. It is in these initial five years of your kid’s life that he is going to learn and develop all fundamental skills like talking, walking, identifying letters, words, shapes, colors, and more. Children are more likely to learn when they feel comfortable and safe, so this is why your child’s education needs to be done in a positive and safe learning environment. Reach out to us today to get your child enrolled!