Once you have shortlisted daycares for your baby, it is very important to give them a visit before finalizing the one. It is really important to do so if you want your child to have well-nurtured early years of their life. Daycares play an important role in the development phase of your child when you are not around. This is why make sure to give a tour to your top shortlisted daycares before you can put the name of your child on the waiting list.

It is always a good idea to meet the potential care providers, and check out their space, no matter what. Also, you should have a few questions handy that you should ask when you are there.

Check for License

There are a lot of daycares that are running without any authorized license. This is why it is very important to know if the daycare you are about to send your child to is unlicensed, private, or licensed.


Some daycares keep their fees private and don’t publish them on their websites. This is why going on a tour and asking their daily or monthly fees in person is important so that you can plan your finances accordingly.


The staff at daycare are the ones that are going to spend most of their time with your child. This is why knowing the number of staff members and the frequency with which they change is important. Also, know about the staff-to-kid ratio so that you can know how much attention your child is going to get.

Holiday Calendar

There are days when certain daycares are on all-daycare vacation weeks. Parents should have a proper listing of all the days when there’s any sort of holiday closings.


Know about the meals your child is going to get when at the daycare. Enquire if the lunches and snacks provided are healthy or not. Also, how often their menu changes. What do they do when kids are still hungry and want to have more even after finishing their lunch. Also, know if the lunches and snacks provided are delivery service.

Handling Squabbles

When there are toddlers in a room, it is obvious they can end up fighting over a toy. Know how do they handle such sort of situations and if they use time-outs.

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